What a joy it was so photograph Lindsay and Jonah's wedding in August! Lindsay's brides maids were dressed in pink and the groomsmen were is these super stylish gray ensemble with suspenders and pink ties. All the guys had matching pink argyle socks- adorable. I can't say kinder words about the bride, groom and their wedding party. Quality people, just quality. 

I'll be honest, I was nervous for the wedding day. The day before it RAINED! I mean, it was not pretty. Saturday morning... rain. I was so sad for them, rain is not why you choose a August as your wedding date. And then the clouds parted and we had this lushous pink light almost all day long, it was a dream. The ceremony was beautiful and all the rustic details were perfect. They got married under a canopy of oak trees with views for miles in the city of Corvallis, OR on a farm (which is a few hours outside of Portland, Or). 

I truly wish these two the best in life for many years to come. XOXO Lindsay and Jonah!

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Tre Cavil says:

Wow!! Beautiful photography!

(08.16.14 @ 05:21 AM)
Edith says:

was this a private ranch or a venu?

(03.02.15 @ 05:09 PM)
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Gallery walls are popular right now, the first one I happened to see was 10 years ago while I was studying in Italy. I believe it was actually in Belgium at the Groeninge Museum... all that to say they are classic and not going anywhere. Don't be afraid of them! They just take a little thought, organization and planning and you can be well on your way to a cohesive wall of art. You can also see more inspiration in my pinterest board.

#1. Uniform. It is very organized,  visually simple and easy to look at. I wanted you to see what it looks like to have them all the same color and size. These happen to all be B&W but color portraits would have the same effect.
#2 Same color, different sizing. A tad more eclectic and you are not tied to one frame style making it easy to change and grow with. No order, but a balence is achieved by weighing the portrait size on the left and right side of the wall.

#3 Clustering. This collection also has the ability to grow as your family does. You are not tied to one color/type of frame but still feels cohesive  if you  stick to two framing colors and frame withs.

#4 Fun. This works because of the spacing is uniform between the pictures and they "fit" together. There is also a color pallet between the frames but it's much looser then the above options. This wall has the most flexibility to move out as your family grows up, it will continue to work as long as you stick to a few rules such as the placement of the larger portraits and smaller groupings.

#5 Shelf. This allows for maximum versatility. By simply sticking to a few colors with framing options you can add, subtract and change as you see fit. This would work just as well with color portraits too.

I love different types of gallery walls for different areas of the house. #1 for the "adult" rooms such as dining and living, #4 if you have younger kids, and I am leaning toward installing a #5 in my living room. I need the versatility! What is your favorite?

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Tre Cavil says:

We just put up a gallery wall ourselves. We really like it! It makes people stop and look for awhile.

(08.16.14 @ 05:23 AM)
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» corporate online reputation management from corporate online reputation management

Soul Mates Photo Wedding, Engagement and Boudoir Photography in Portland, Oregon Read More

I hope you all follow me over here to melissatomeoni.com for the deets. There are over 25 products I think are a MUST for registering for baby. See you there!
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Tre Cavil says:

Yep! All of the essentials!

(08.16.14 @ 05:25 AM)
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I shot these a while back at The Paragon... and recently I've seen them floating around the inter webs again! I love yellow (obviously) it's so cheery and happy! See more from the shoot here


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Tre Cavil says:

The entire shoot was amazing!

(08.16.14 @ 05:27 AM)
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When you see this portrait below what do you think? I can't help by get wrapped up in the dream of a wedding day. The gorgeous, buttery light... the anticipation of meeting your groom... the way you float through the morning until you walk down the isle. Wedding days go so fast in hindsight but this portrait seems to freeze the moment. It's wedding day bliss.test_jamesAR-228.jpg
This is Ashley-Renee on her wedding day at The Nines.
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Tre Cavil says:

I'm thinking this is the last moment right before the ceremony begins. She's telling herself to keep it together!

(08.16.14 @ 05:28 AM)
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